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This page is dedicated to helping those who have never used Cryptocurrency get it and use it.  First, understand ‘where’ is this digital currency.  Digital money is not new, in fact 99% of bank account holders use digital currency on a daily basis, with online banking, and other electronic services.  The key difference with Bitcoin is that with Crypto there is no ‘bank account’ – although that may soon change.  For now, you have to keep your Bitcoin somewhere, such as on your computer in a desktop wallet, or online with a cloud (hosted) wallet.

Here are some options for Cloud wallets available at exchanges:

Hit BTC – Since 2013 perhaps the best Bitcoin exchange

Sign up for an account with Coinbase, buy and sell BTC – Coinbase is the best place to buy and sell Bitcoin to fund other exchange accounts. – Get new coins not yet on big exchanges

Trade unique pairs like CVC, SUB, IOTA, and more at Binance (China)

Trade Bitcoin on London’s CEX.IO Crypto Exchange

Books & Resources

Splitting Bits – Understanding Bitcoin and the Blockchain

Instructions on how to “Get Bitcoin” – it’s just like buying any digital asset.  Think of Bitcoin like casino chips, gaming tokens you’d buy for your kids at an arcade, or Delta miles.  There are obvious differences but these are good analogies to start understanding Cryptocurrencies.  They are virtual, digital currencies that have no ‘backing’ or ‘authority’ in contrast with “Fiat” currencies like the US Dollar, which are issued by the Federal Reserve Bank, which is authorized by Congress.  Other sovereign currencies are backed by their respective laws, banks, and governments.  Bitcoin on the other hand – we don’t even know who is the real creator – if it’s a single individual or a government agency.  Perhaps no one will ever know.  However, there are now more than 1,300 different Cryptocurrencies with more being issued every day.