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Cash In On The Blockchain Hype

Here’s a powerful argument for any business.  How do you cash in on the Bitcoin frenzy without risking the farm?  It’s easy.  Instead of investing – integrate.  Develop.  Build it, and they will come.

Bitcoin has tainted the Blockchain world with its volatility, poor security, high fees, slow performance, and other bugs which have plagued the world’s first Cryptocurrency.  But it opened the eyes of the world to the possibilities of digital currencies and Blockchain technology.  There are thousands of use-cases, ranging from the military to healthcare, financial services, industrials, utilities, education, and more.  The possibilities are endless.

But how can it help me, as a business owner, you ask?  Let’s first explain why investing in Cryptocurrencies is risky.  Crypto markets are unregulated.  That means there are no rules – it’s like the wild west!  There’s no protocols, no due diligence requirements, no nothing.  That means a group of frat buds can start an ICO and say whatever they want “DudeCoin” they can call it.  They can be criminals, they can be anyone – no one knows.  Of course, that doesn’t mean that regulations will make all investments good.  But at least it’s not a complete black hole.  Crypto is.  So investing in Crypto is better odds than a casino but not that much better.  And entry into the market is very difficult, how do you know when to enter?  There was a multi-year bull run which has topped, will it continue?  Or crash?  No one knows.

So what is the solution?  Where’s the Beef?

There’s a simple way to cash in on the hype – and we’ll show you that it’s more than just hype.  Blockchain is really revolutionizing the way the world works.  Just like the internet revolution changed the world, the Bit Paradigm is set to transform all aspects of economic life on this planet.  Instead of investing in the speculation market – betting that some one else’s Crypto Coin is going to be the ‘next’ big Bitcoin – why not build your own?

What if by building your own Blockchain you could increase sales?  For example, by accepting payment in your own coin?  Being part of the Blockchain community can increase your sales, grow the exposure to your business, and save on efficiencies.  Whether you are a bricks and mortar business or a high tech firm, Blockchain can save you money and grow your business, that’s the bottom line.

Bloc10 can build anything you can imagine using Blockchain technology and incorporating it in your business.  Automotive, retail, industrial, manufacturing, food service, real estate, transportation, medical, military, security, government, travel, – the possibilities are infinite.  The only metaphor to understand this new paradigm is Quantum Physics, which is where we get the ‘10’ in Bloc 10.  The 10th dimension represents “infinite possibilities.”  Contact Bloc10 today with your ideas and let us build your own Crypto Currency for you or optimize your existing business by use of the Blockchain.  Sign up for our free Blockchain information service at absolutely no cost.


Get bloc.

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