6/24/2018 – Sky Desks Token Website Launched @ www.skydesks.io

Sky Desks Intro – In case you’re just tuning in to this channel, here’s a basic overview of what is Sky Desks Token

Introducing Sky Desks Token based on the Sky Desks Cloud Computing Paradigm

Sky Desks is a revolutionary new way to manage remote servers, known as “VPS” used by the Crypto & Forex trading community, SEO Pros, and many others.  The Sky Desks system has been built over a period of 10 years by Dr. Sheldon Gardner, patent holder and Navy Intelligence veteran.  The Sky Desks prototype replaces the need to use Windows VPS for Forex & Crypto traders – giving traders the ability to deploy a Sky Desks cloud instance running the popular Meta Trader 4 and 5 platform right from the browser.  The amazing part about this technology is that it can be used to run nearly any Windows application from the cloud, in the browser, or on your smartphone.  Enterprise companies like financial institutions, tech companies, the Military, and others – can white label the system such that they can build custom cloud instances pre-loaded with their custom software.  Once built, in a dashboard interface – Sky Desks Clouds can be created with one click installs.

Sky Desks has launched a Token sale, currently in the early stages (pre-sale not live yet) in which Sky Desks is seeking to raise funds to build out the technology to other use cases, grow the business, and to implement a utility token payment system where users can buy clouds and groups of clouds with Sky Desks Tokens.

For more information on Sky Desks see www.skydesks.io

More about the process – how to create a coin, the path to STO 6/10/2018

Bloc10 was hired by Sky Desks to create the Sky Desks Token.

We’re going to publish a how-to using Sky Desks as the perfect case study, to launch your own token offering.  Every business is different of course, and Sky Desks represented a great opportunity for Bloc10 because it already had an MVP (Minimum Viable Product).  Bloc10 just needed to take Sky Desks to the next level.  So in order to achieve that, we spent time with the founder and developers, and worked out a real-world practical business plan.  The website represents the first phase of that development.

The first big question we needed to hammer out is – do you really want ICO?  This is not as simple as it seems – and flies in flagrant violation of securities laws.  If done right, according to the rules – then it’s now being called an STO.  So Sky Desks needed to decide – to ICO or not?  And if not, what alternatives are viable for Sky Desks?  AirDrops?  STO?  What other use cases does Sky Desks really have?  Is there a business here – or just hopes and vapor?

Bloc10 got lucky here because the underlying virtualization technology is simply genius.  Sky Desks allows for nearly any Windows application to run on a cloud instance – saving money, resources, and creating a secure, globally deployable environment all wrapped in one – served fresh in a web based dashboard, hosted at Rackspace (or any cloud provider).

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