Bloc10 is an evolving model that changes based on the random market

Bloc10 – (Atlanta, GA) 9/5/2018 – Random Market We are seeing big success with the news service we have recently launched “Total News.See the News Service here: including our daily market recap we call “The Fix at 4” based on our BIT FIX which is created daily at 4pm EST/EDT in Atlanta, GA.  For our Total Members, we’ve added some serious important research bearish on Bitcoin but bullish on Blockchain.

In our process of evolving our frontend, we invite you to join the discussion on the Total Cryptos forum.  Our model is proprietary but open source.

bit fix changes

We’ve updated our BIT FIX public page, available at  Now when you click on the price (1) it shows you the source prices (2) but not all of them, because of the Anti-Manipulation settings we’ve baked into our FIX algorithm.  We are preparing the FIX for a non-major Crypto token, details to be released soon.  This model can serve to FIX any coin or token, which trades on an exchange.  As traders, our data is price based, not Blockchain based.  Also we’ve added the BIT FIX Logo, and a link to download the doctrine of BIT FIX v 1.3 (as of 9/5/2018), what it is, and why BIT FIX is a solution to the problems outlined in various SEC denial letters, such as: SEC_wink234-83723.

The market is changing – change with it.

We’ve also been working hard on our Predator signals, still in Beta.  Predator is Crypto Arbitrage.  We display publicly a dashboard of Crypto Arb here

This is just a display – for actionable intelligence we are saving this for our Total Members, which includes other strategies as well.

Blockchain is something new – with anything new come new opportunities and new challenges.  Things don’t work.  Solutions need to be developed.  What Bitcoin has done is burst the bubble of fall 2017 hopers that they too could easily and quickly become a “Bitcoin Billionaire” – and that the real work has only started.  Those of us who have been in this business for a long time are not surprised, we expected this outcome and prepared for it.

For our trading systems, we are building systems that can work in any market.  That means whether Bitcoin market is bearish or bullish – we should be profitable.  It’s possible to lose, always.  Trading is always risky.  However, a good approach is to make a system which is without trend indicators, meaning that it should profit in any market conditions.  Our mantra: If we test on Random data – and it works, it should work on any market.

The markets are Random – strategies must evolve.

Let’s close this blog post with a blast from the past, and a reminder of what’s possible, and what’s coming.  Stay Tuned!

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