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Predator version 3 going live this week

Bloc10 – 9/22/2018 – We are excited to be launching a new version of our Predator Crypto Arbitrage system live for members @, which is being released with a marketing campaign scheduled to start this week.  Checkout some images from version 3 that we are excited about:

For traders who fight and stress over a few % here and another % there seeing greater than 1% profits in an arbitrage trade is music to the ears.

10% is perhaps an anomaly – however that’s why we are doing this!  Exploiting anomalies for the benefit of profit.

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Predator Product Statement

Total Cryptos is dedicated to providing the best possible arb signals in the world.  We have experience making arbitrage algorithms for other markets for Wall St. firms.  This is not a managed account, or an investment service.  These are alerts for traders.  You, the trader – has to pull the trigger.  There are a number of reasons for this setup, but mostly it is not possible to automate this opportunity.  Our goal is to provide our members with the best possible tools in order to acheive the best results.  Crypto itself is an nascent industry with no standards or regulation.  Things happen in Crypto that are surprising, such as exchanges being hacked.  This is the opposite of an annuity – it is high risk day trading.  In the 90’s, many day traders did well but most not.  Our belief is that Crypto is the next big day traders market.  This product intends to be one of many that we launch for traders under our Total Cryptos brand, all included in our membership.  Arbitrage will not last for long, as there are others doing the same thing.  But there will be new tokens issued, new exchanges with different liquidity offerings, and other variables that can make this last for a few years at least.  Amazingly, FX arbitrage is still possible however the capital requirements are prohibitive (you need $50 Million + to do it).  This serves as a sort of proof of concept that Crypto arb is possible and can last at least to make good profits for our members while we develop the next best thing: A fully automated intelligent trading system based on Genetic Algorithms.

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