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Updated Risk Disclosure 12 Oct

Updated Risk Disclosure

In case you didn’t know, trading is risky.  Disclaimers and disclosures aren’t just fine print, they are supposed to explain something. 

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  • China's National Team Rescues Global Stocks As Yuan Tumbles, Gold Gains
    Quite a week where Chinese, European, and US Stocks take huge rollercoaster rides to end unchanged... (with th every visible hand of China's National Team and the magically coincident sudden short-squeeze in the US)... [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_4rxrHF7wN4] China was looking seriously ugly on the week but the worst GDP (bar Q1 2009) print in the country's […]
  • Not The Onion: Internet Memes Are Making Teenagers Fat 
    Adding to unfit parents, "sexy at any size" fat-acceptance movements and the abundance of hormone-laden fast food in every corner of the world, there's a new culprit in town for teenage obesity; internet memes.  According to five UK professors, memes which glorify fatness or make self-deprecating jokes about unhealthy eating habits can program impressionable young teens with the notion that it's ok to […]
  • 'Meddling' In Midterms - DOJ Accuses Russian National Of "Information Warfare"
    On the eve of a planned trip to Moscow by National Security Advisor John Bolton to discuss election hacking, the Department of Justice unsealed an indictment Friday afternoon charging a Russian national for her alleged involvement with another "troll farm" that US prosecutors say attempted to tamper with the midterm election. Source: DoJ According to […]
  • Trader: "Well I Think There's A Problem Here"
    For those looking for key market inflection points, BMO's Brad Wishak highlights a divergence that was a key tell for recent market action, and may portend even more pain in the coming weeks. Accordng to Wishak, one place that telegraphed the recent market turmoil was the venerable New York Stock Exchange: the NYSE is the […]
  • Caravan Showdown: Migrants Tear Down Guatemala Border Gate, Rush Towards Mexico
    Migrants in a 4,000-strong caravan traveling north from Central America have trampled the Guatemalan border and are currently preparing for a push into Mexico.  BREAKING: The caravan has just broken through security at the Guatemala-Mexico border and are now flooding Mexico. This is out of control! How are we supposed to trust Mexico to protect our border […]
  • Stocks Hit With Massive Sell Order Just After 2PM
    Last Thursday, October 11, the market selloff accelerated shortly after 2pm when as we reported at the time, the market was unexpectedly hit with the biggest sell order since the May 2010 flash crash, when the NYSE uptick minus downtick index, hit  a print of -1,793. The result was a 600 point plunge in the […]
  • Judge Dismisses Remaining Charges Against Paul Manafort
    Amid reports that former Trump campaign executive Paul Manafort has been spending an awful lot of time in the special counsel's office (visiting at least nine times in the last four weeks, according to CNN), the Virginia judge who presided over the summer trial where Manafort was convicted of 8 counts of tax fraud and […]
  • "These Are All Starting To Crack": Bank of America Spots 4 Bearish Anomalies
    In the latest Flow Show report from BofA's Michael Harnett, the Chief Investment Strategist notes that, as expected, there was a major flow capitulation during the last week following the worst rout in the market since February. To wit, there was a massive $15.8BN outflow from equities, coupled with $8.1BN out of bonds. Broken down […]
  • Jim Kunstler: Welcome To The Long Emergency
    Authored by James Howard Kunstler via Kunstler.com, Feeling The Heat Yet? The loyal opposition is the party out-of-power in a polity that stands divided into two factions - assuming the polity can still function as such, which, apparently, it no longer can. Historically in the USA, this used to allow for the tempered regulation of […]
  • "Fake News" - Trump Denies Pompeo Heard/Saw Khashoggi Audio/Video
    It appears ABC News did it again... Yesterday, ABC reported that according to a Turkish official, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo heard an alleged audio recording of Khashoggi's murder inside the Saudi consulate in Istanbul. ABC News proudly reported that this contradicted the official White House narrative, the anonymous official said that the recording was […]
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