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  • Time Runs Out On US Opposition To Nordstream 2
    Authored by Tom Luongo, The Nordstream 2 pipeline represents the last stand of U.S. influence over the internal affairs of Europe. Once finished it will stand as a testament to the fundamental split between the European Union and the United States. Europe will this as its first successful defense of its newly-declared independence. And the U.S. will […]
  • Wilhelmsen And Airbus Trial World's First Delivery Drone Service To Ships
    Wilhelmsen and Airbus are conducting the world's first commercial shore-to-ship drone delivery trial, according to Hellenic Shipping News. The team is testing its "Skyways" drone delivery system in Singapore, which marked the start of its commercial trial operations. The first test allowed the Airbus-built drone to lift off from the Marina South Pier and fly […]
  • Common Causes Of Three Crises In Three Continents
    Authored by Amir Taheri via The Gatestone Institute, The last century witnessed a plethora of ideology-based regimes: The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, the People's Republic of China, the United Arab Republic and the Buddhist Socialist State of Myanmar among others. The pretension behind all those labels was that rather than being the art of […]
  • "A Massive War On Autopilot" - US Airstrikes Surge In Secret War In Somalia
    With so many little wars to keep track of, you probably haven’t noticed that the US has quietly been increasing its airstrikes against targets in Somalia. And, as RT's Polly Boiko points out,  it seems few people in Washington have either. In recent months, dozens of Al-Shabaab terrorist suspects have been killed by American drones […]
  • Can Russia And China Survive This Unharmonious World?
    Authored by Andre Vitchek via The Nation, Does it pay ‘to be good’? Is it still possible to play by the rules in this mad world, governed by brigands? What if the rules are defined and ratified by all countries of the world, but a small group of the strongest (militarily) nations totally ignores them, […]
  • Misguided Spying And The New Zealand Massacre
    Authored by Suzie Dawson via, While intelligence agencies were looking in all the wrong places, a conspicuous target slipped through the cracks... Now that the bodies of 49 innocent human beings are lying in a Christchurch, New Zealand, morgue — gunned down by a heavily armed terrorist — New Zealand media are asking the obvious questions: […]
  • Son Publicly Defends Parents Implicated In Admissions Scandal While Smoking Blunt
    The son of Gregory and Marcia Abbott, two parents involved in the recent college admissions scandal, defended his parents to the New York Post outside of the family's Fifth Avenue building this week - while smoking a blunt and promoting his latest rap CD. "Rapper" Malcom Abbott said about the scandal:  “They’re blowing this whole thing out […]
  • Planetary Collapse Looms? New Study Shows More Than 1,200 Species "Will Almost Certainly Face Extinction"
    Authored by Michael Snyder via The Economic Collapse blog, We are witnessing a worldwide environmental collapse, and nobody seems to know how to stop it.  As you will see below, a study that was just released that looked at more than 5,000 species of birds, mammals and amphibians discovered that nearly a quarter of them […]
  • Smartphone Shipments In China Collapse To Six Year Low
    Months after Apple stunned the market by announcing it would no longer be reporting quarterly iPhone unit sales, we have some insight as to the reason. February saw smartphone shipments in China collapse to their lowest levels in six years, indicating that the super-saturated industry has failed to turn around amidst a global economy that […]
  • Next, New Zealand Firearms: They Never Learn
    Authored by Leesa Donner via, Knee jerk reaction to tragedy ignores the harsh reality... Getting your hands on a firearm in New Zealand is no easy task. Everyone knows this and yet here we are again having the same old knee-jerk discussion about more gun control, following a shooting at two mosques in Christchurch early […]
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