Crypto API throwing bad data how to even start

Bloc10 – 9/21/2018 – Bloc10 has been working on our core product, Crypto Arbitrage for day-traders (manual execution) we are calling ‘Predator’ – first a snapshot of our new Predator Dashboard:

The Dashboard is akin to a ‘cockpit’ prices are not streaming, but they will update when there is a significant change, it can be in 2 minutes or in 10 minutes.  We’re rolling out these new updates today.   Based on our current Predator algorithm we are seeing 100,000 opportunities a day, we filter it and provide the top 1% to our members for trading signals.  To get these signals sign up as a member here.

Here is another snapshot, with different signals:

The problem is that we are faced with occasional bad data.  Take a look at the discrepancy on ETH/TUSD at HITBTC:

vs. Bittrex:

What this is likely, is a quoting error – meaning that prices are quoted in reverse, if you divide 222 by 1/x you get .004 – but then it should be quoted as TUSD/ETH not ETH/TUSD.

Some of these reporting and quoting errors can be catastrophic.  But hey – it’s Crypto!  That’s why we aren’t seeing a Bitcoin ETF, there are no standards.  Hopefully with standards like BIT FIX we are moving in the right direction.  Until then – let’s arb the market!


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