Blockchain consulting service

(Bloc10) — Atlanta, GA — Bloc10 Tech, a Blockchain FinTech startup, has launched a consulting service targeted to US corporates interested in entering the emerging Blockchain technology space.  “There are few Blockchain experts as this is a new field, so we believe Bloc10 has an advantage, as we are from the technology and financial services industries.  Bloc10 has a unique position having been dealing with electronic currencies for more than 12 years.  On the I.T. side, our founders have managed large enterprise I.T. projects for some of America’s biggest names.  We believe this is the perfect recipe for success, ” says Joe Gelet, one of Bloc10’s founders.  “While it’s easy to add ‘Blockchain’ to the name of your company, transforming an organization is a different story.  We’re ready to take this to the next level.  We have the resources in place, we have the expertise, we see the big picture – there’s a big opportunity here; although it’s not perhaps what people have in mind.  Blockchain is a technology platform, it’s not about Bitcoin.”

Based in Atlanta, GA Bloc10 has launched a website @ and is working on building Blockchain infrastructure, as well as compiling a research archive of Blockchain related technology.

To learn more about the consulting services, see this PDF:

Bloc 10 – Blockchain Consulting Proposal

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