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Military Uses Of Blockchain

(Bloc10) — 1/25/2018 — Many are now scrambling to find applications for Blockchain, the use-cases in the Military are boundless.  In Summary, Blockchain, a distributed secure ledger, can be used for ultra secure I.T. systems for the Military in the following applications:

  • Secured communications
  • Secure database with ‘data integrity’ (parts, etc.)
  • Secure electronic payments in high risk situations (or to manage the entire budget, which is obviously a problem with $2 Trillion ‘missing’)
  • Network security, such as MaidSafe, BlockStack (Alternative to SIPRnet) – This is interesting too
  • ..any I.T. system used by the military

Here are some existing projects as use-case examples.  But this is only starting, years from now we can see a complete shift to Blockchain, which will be bigger than the shift to digital from paper.  In 10 years, it will be required to build everything on-chain (or via sidechains, or somehow built on Blockchain technology) because it’s superior.  And anyhow, the Bitcoin blockchain is based on SHA-256 encryption algorithm.

When it comes to the Military, we have to think big.  It’s practically, and especially if considered as part of the US Government, the largest organization in the world.  And fittingly, even before computers, the Military functions as one big algorithm.  So making it digital was just a question of hiring an electrician, not a programmer.  This is a unique function of the Military from systemic analysis perspective, and what makes it the best candidate to be ‘blocked’ by the Blockchain.  Not to mention that Blockchain can save the budget billions of US Dollars needed for expensive hardware like Tanks and Secret Spacecraft.

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