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  • Skripal Poisoning Suspects 'Identified': "[We're] Sure They're Russians"
    Four months after Russian former spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter were allegedly poisoned by the 'deadly' nerve agent Novichok by what would appear to be the worst assassination squad ever, The Guardian reports that the British-based news agency Press Association claims UK police have identified the suspects. A source with knowledge of the investigation told […]
  • Global Population Growth Ceased In 1988...Population Has Only Grown Older Since Then
    Authored by Chris Hamilton via Econimica blog, The world stopped growing about 1988... and has only grown older since. Global births, per five year periods, according to the UN.  Births and UN medium and low variant estimates through my best estimate of the most likely births.  Despite the significantly larger (older) total population, births continue to […]
  • "I Told You So": Trump Hits Out At EU After $5 Billion Google Fine
    In a move that many had expected, President Trump lashed out over Twitter in response to Brussels' decision to slap Google with an record €4.3bn ($5 billion) antitrust fine, exclaiming "I told you so!" before suggesting that the move was further evidence that the EU had "taken advantage of the U.S., but not for long!" […]
  • How Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Misunderstands American Poverty
    Authored by Andrew Moran via, Democratic socialism is in the news again. Following Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s stunning victory, helping her become a darling of the mainstream media, Americans are becoming interested in democratic socialism again – a philosophy that involves voting to steal your stuff. Two key planks of democratic socialism are to rail against […]
  • Oil Jumps After Saudis Say August Exports To Slide
    Trump is about to have another OPEC twitter meltdown. With oil sliding in recent days on a combination of greater inventory builds and production increases both in the US and in places like Libya and Canada, moments ago WTI jumped as much as 1.6% after it was  trading as much as -1.4% following a Bloomberg […]
  • Disney Wins: Comcast Says It Ends Pursuit Of Fox Assets
    After months of jockeying with its persistently better-positioned rival Disney, Comcast Corp. (the cable company and corporate parent of NBCUniversal) has officially ended its pursuit of 21st Century Fox's entertainment assets and will instead focus on its offer for Sky. By backing off, the cable giant is clearing the way for an epic bromance (pictured […]
  • Trump Hints At Second Putin Summit, Blasts Fake News As "Real Enemy Of The People"
    And cue another 'meltdown' in 3...2...1... While arguments continue over whether the Helsinki Summit was a success (end of Cold War 2.0) or not (most treasonous president ever), President Trump is convinced "The Summit was a great success," and hints that there will be a second summit soon, where they will address: "stopping terrorism, security […]
  • Philly Fed 'Hope' Plunges To 2 Year Lows As Prices Signal Margin Collapse
    While the Philly Fed's headline sentiment indicator jumped from 19.9 to 25.7 (above the 21.5 expectations), it is what's under the covers that it most interesting. 1. Hope is fading fast... (Philly Fed 'Business Expectations plunged to their lowest since March 2016)   2. Orders up, Staff down?... (New Orders rebounded but the number of […]
  • We Are Nearing The Pain-Point Triggering The "PBOC Put"
    Authored by Charlie McElligott of Nomura Summary: Stocks, Commods and EM on overnight lows with the Yuan decline accelerating (CNH to the lowest level in a year) as signs of accelerated easing / outright stimulus confirm the Chinese economic slowdown and credit crunch reality Our Chinese Economics team highlights said “outright stimulus” shift-indications this week […]
  • Gartman: "The 'Fine People' At Zero Hedge Are Taking Us To Task Again For Having Erred"
    Yesterday morning, we told readers that less than two weeks after Dennis Gartman urged  "sell into strength" as "this is now a bear market", Gartman did another trademark flip just as the S&P was trading within 2% of all time highs, and was now urging his "clients" to buy stocks on the expectation of a […]

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