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Bloc10 Launches news service Total News

FIX AT FOURAtlanta, GA 8/27/2018 – Bloc10.comTotal Cryptos is the fastest growing Crypto Currency price and data destination on the internet, as shown by the Alex rank breaking 50,000 US and headed lower (42,000 as of today).   What makes Total Cryptos difference – what is our niche?  Our niche is trading – that means the difference between Total Cryptos and other sites, we have a focus on trading such as actionable intelligence for our members.  We offer a number of free services just like everyone else does, free data, a wordpress widget, an app, and updated prices on more than 2,000 + Crypto Currencies.  But our niche is trading, and we have developed several products for our Total Cryptos members.  All of these businesses are connected.  What drives trading is news and information – so why not we can have our own news service?  In the future we want to build and deliver a real time news service for traders.  For now, we just want to offer nonstop news content to give you the facts – just the facts – to make your own trading decisions.  Total News is a Crypto news service for traders, investors, Blockchain companies, and anyone who wants Crypto specific news.  We aren’t going to have a section on politics, except about Blockchain regulation.  We aren’t going to write about the ills of investing or why Trump doesn’t make his own coin. We’re going to write about the correlation between the baltic dry index and Bitcoin markets.  We’re going to cover breaking stories as they happen.  As many already infected with the Crypto virus have learned: Crypto is NONSTOP.  Get Total News here:  Tune in to our daily market wrap up The Fix at 4 – Every day broadcast at 4pm in EST (New York Time).  See our last episode:

Who is the Crypto News?  Does such a thing exist?

Our competition is sites like Zero Hedge, Finance Magnates, Coin Desk,, NewsBTC, Coin Telegraph, CCN, and others.  Some of them we respect (like Zero Hedge) – others, are steaming piles of garbage that are in dire need of major renovation.  Others are in between.  Crypto is a big space and there’s room for hundreds of WSJ / Bloomberg style services.  But we are a unique content creator with not only breaking news but market analysis and intelligence that can only come from a buy side currency trading firm.  Buy side traders are risk takers – remember that.  We are risk takers not risk makers.  So we have to have as much intel and information as possible to increase our chances of winning to the max!  We are fighting an unfair game; the brokers and the exchanges can see the whole order book – we can’t.  So we better have a very good trading system that is intelligent.

We’re going to also discuss product developments and summaries of exciting research developments, such as the flurry of research released in a number of SEC denial letters (and subsequent public comment letter releases).  Stay tuned – to Total News.

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